Super Kids activity book

The Fruit and Veg Super Kids early years activity book for 4 - 8 year-old's will begin to grow your child's knowledge on fruits and vegetables. The activities will develop early learning skills in reading and writing, colors, mathematics and problem solving. The Fruit and Veg super kids Zane and Clara will take your child on a fun journey to learn all about fruits and vegetables. By the end of the book your child will become a fruit and veg super kid too.

Santa's Favourite Vegetable

Santa is hard at work making toys for all the well-behaved children around the world. Then he starts to feel hungry and decides to go to the kitchen where he finds his pantry filled with a rainbow of delicious vegetables.

Join him on his journey to find his most favourite vegetable and discover which one you should leave for him on Christmas Eve

Santa's Favourite Fruit

In the enchanting land of the North Pole, Santa Claus joyfully discovers that his hardworking elves each have their own favourite fruit. Curious to find out what his own favourite fruit is, Santa sets out on a special journey to explore his magical fruit garden. Along the way, Santa tastes many delicious fruits, but none of them are quite right. Finally, after a long search, Santa discovers his absolute favourite fruit and feels overjoyed and excited to tell the elves which fruit is HIS absolute favourite.

Join Santa on his exciting journey so you can discover his favourite fruit too!