Super Kids activity book

The Fruit and Veg Super Kids early years activity book for 3 - 5 year-old's will begin to grow your child's knowledge on fruits and vegetables. The activities will develop early learning skills in reading and writing, colors, mathematics and problem solving. The Fruit and Veg super kids Zane and Clara will take your child on a fun journey to learn all about fruits and vegetables. By the end of the book your child will become a fruit and veg super kid too.

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Toms 5 a day activity story image front cover

Let’s get moving and learning activity stories combine physical activity with story time to teach young children about a particular health topic.Toms 5 a day activity story teaches young children how easy it is to eat fruits and vegetables every day. The bright and colourful book will keep children engaged and active as they run, skip hop and jump with Tom on his healthy adventure.   

A comprehensive guide to planning and teaching circuit classes to teens. Circuit training is one of the original forms of group exercise and is one of the most popular forms of exercise for teens.

Book content includes:

  • Understanding circuit training and its role in fitness planning
  • Circuit class types and layouts
  • Teaching session structure
  • Exercise safety points and worked muscle groups.
  • Exercise circuit cards with full exercise instructions and alternatives for beginner classes
  • Exercise circuit cards without instructions for advance classes